Monday, December 20, 2010

How do I insert a digital magazine style page into a Komplet Fusion Album?

Our Komplet Fusion albums are the latest addition to our album range. To create a thoroughly modern album the Fusion is a mix of flush magazine style pages and traditional matted pages.

One of the most FAQ we get asked in relation to the Komplet Fusion album is ‘How do I insert a digital magazine style page into my album’? The answer is very simple!
All you have to do to create a magazine style page is to:

1. Select the image for your magazine style page and drag the image onto the page. It will appear as a small image on the page.

2. If you are using a PC, simply right click on the image and a small menu will appear. Select “FILL MAT”. Done!

3. If you are using a MAC, simply tap the COMMAND/APPLE Button on your keyboard and click on the image. A small menu will appear. Select “FILL MAT”. Done!

Check out the great image of our Komplet Fusion album above by White Tulip Photography!

TIP: The above instructions are also useful if you want to create a hybrid mat, i.e. half matted, half magazine style page in our Pro Collection or Komplet Collection!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How do I create a photocover in JAD?

Photo Covers are a great way to personalise an album cover. You can have the whole cover as a photo or just a section! To change your album cover to a photo cover just follow the next few steps:

1. Once JAD is open and you have your album design up, click on “ALBUM” in the top toolbar

2. Scroll down the drop down menu and click on “COVER PROPERTIES”

3. A drop down menu will appear under Cover Material. Scroll down the menu and select “PHOTO COVER”.

4. You now need to choose your spine material, i.e. the album cover material.   In the drop down menu under Spine Material, choose your album cover!

TIP: For something different why not try a canvas photo cover or an acrylic photo cover!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Xmas from us!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from all the team at Jorgenens'. Here is a little holiday cheer from us. Hope you like it ;)

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Christmas is nearly upon us and we have just a few more JAD tips to go before 2011!

We often get queries from clients as to how they can just place an order for mats in JAD. Hopefully the next few pointers will help out!

1. Open JAD software

2. When the small screen comes up with the 3 different album collections, click “CANCEL” in the bottom left corner

3. Once the small screen has closed, click “FILE” in top Left corner of the Top toolbar in the main screen

4. From the drop down menu select “NEW MATS ONLY”

5. A new small screen will pop up. You then need to choose which album collection you are ordering mats for, i.e. PRO COLLECTION or the STUDIO COLLECTION.

6. You then proceed as normal, choosing your album style, size and page numbers.

7. Design your mats as usual!

When you place your order only an order for Mats will be sent through.

TIP: When placing your order and JAD asks for your Studio Reference make sure you call the album something you will remember, i.e. couples name, Sample Album No 2 etc. This is always helpful if you lose the JAD reference number!